The Romanian wine-tasting event „Dublin 2023” was held on November 27th and 28th, 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. This is a summary of the event released for the general public and wine trade.
Written and compiled by Iulian Barbuceanu
(Co-organizer of the event and author of The Romanian Wine Atlas).



This winter marks ten years since my first illustrated map of the Dealu Mare Vineyard and two full years of study for the Romanian Wine Atlas project. Drafting the general concept for Dublin2023 was my first involvement – from many to come – in an international event, and it was a true honour to design, plan, and implement such an endeavour alongside passionate and daring professionals in Romania and Ireland. 

This report aims to showcase the achievements of the wine industry through collaboration among professionals from different trades.

The vision of the Romanian Ambassador to Ireland, H.E. Laurenţiu-Mihai Ştefan, has enabled me to make my most significant contribution yet to the Romanian wine industry, for which I am grateful.

First things first



The event was made possible thanks to the support of businesses in Romania and Ireland.
The contributions made a significant impact and played a crucial role in the success of the project.
Meet our sponsors

VINARIUM International Wine Contest

Great choice of Awarded Romanian labels

Having an international jury with members recognized for their experience and professionalism, the contest under the Patronage of O.I.V., VINOFED and with FIJEV as Partner will hold it’s 21st edition in May 2024.

Legendary DRACULA

A premium selection of Romanian wines

The Legendary Dracula brand tells the story of Transylvania’s legend of Dracula, offering products from premium wines and spirits to toys, sweets and souvenirs.


For Heroes of Good Taste

A place where quality wines meet social responsibility and destroys walls around disability. The 9th edition took place in 2023 in the European Capital of Culture, Timisoara.

Darlosan International Ltd

Shipping Europe's resources between businesses and countries

Critical logistics were made secure from Romania to Ireland and back by our generous sponsor Darlosan International Ltd Ireland

Temple Bar Inn / Hellfire Restaurant

Our hospitality partner
One of Dublin’s best hotel and restaurant locations, part of the Preferred Partner Program on


We believe in Romania

Connecting Romanians and opportunities all over the world, the RePatriot project developed by the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation is a supporter of #Dublin2023. Download and start using the RePatriot App

Familia Darabont

The 3rd generation of winemakers

Betty Darabont DipWSET, winemaker and owner @Familia Darabont held the „Understanding the new Romanian wine” Masterclass on the 27th of November at the Romanian Embassy in Dublin.

Takács Winery

Boutique winery and family estate in Aiud, Transylvania

Early supporters of the event, the Takacs family represent one of many boutique wineries seeking representation in Ireland.  

Averești Estates

The New World of old Romanian wines

Vine has been cultivated here at the heart of the Cucuteni–Trypillia culture for thousands of years.

Vintruvian Estates Group

Caii de la Letea, Histria, DeMatei & Meninni

Premium and super-premium wines from the Sarica-Nicultel, Istria-Babadag, Dealu Mare and Drăgășani vineyards.

Domaine Dumetrier

The ambition of an exceptional project

A different and courageous approach to winemaking in Dobrogea

Wine Secrets of Romania

Julia & Bruno Scavo
Volume 1 – Drăgășani

ProViRo, an important international project of the Winelover Association Romania, will publish seven books promoting the full export potential of the main wine regions and wineries in Romania.

The Concept

A professional wine-tasting event for the Irish trade open to all Romanian producers seeking representation; one full year of supporting actions after the event to supply businesses with the tools needed for further action.
Wines and varieties first, business second
From the beginning, the focus was on the wines rather than the producers. This was because we were targeting a new market where the interest at the moment was the wine itself; it was something new that was heard about but unavailable at the time. Later on, after the target market knows the wines will the focus be moved on to the producers and the business talk will begin with full support from this project, if needed.

Minimal marketing, maximum impact
Because it was open to all the producers seeking representation and because we wanted to focus on the act of tasting itself rather than communicating other aspects that can easily be made available online or after the event, we did not allow big marketing budgets or actions to take up time or space from the project. The more wines are tasted without too many marketing actions, the more significant the impact, rather than creating an artificial context that could change the perception around some of the labels. We trust the quality of the wines and that individual businesses have the means to pursue their own business and marketing goals in ways unrelated to this event.

Step-by-step approach
The events on the 27th of November (the B2B meeting) and the 28th of November (the Masterclass and wine-tasting event) are the first steps in a programme designed to supply the tools needed for businesses from the wine trade in Ireland and Romania to interact and gain value. Think of these two days as the stepping stones for future actions that companies will take without the project’s direct involvement. Separate from these actions, we will continue to build support structures and tools to promote Romanian wines in general and the business goals of those who ask, in particular.

Equal chances for boutique and ultra-big wineries
One detail planned from the beginning was to supply only a little information about the producers up front. By doing this, we had – on the one hand – generated a slight lack of information at the winetasting because those who were searching upfront for wines from boutique or ultra-big producers did not have the information available, and in finding out what the wines of interest were, they may have stumbled upon other exciting wines – that on the other hand – helped raise interest on some initially „uninteresting” labels for part of the audience. In the following actions, we will focus on separating the offer and getting to know who the boutique producers are, what Romanian grape varieties are available only in small quantities or in significant quantities and other essential info about the producers rather than the wines/wine labels.

Super-premium vs entry level labels
Knowing that we will have more than 200 labels available for tasting in a concise amount of time (three hours), we decided to take seriously the responsibility of communicating about two different types of labels available in the project: the premium and super-premium wines and the entry-level wines, the ones with high prices vs the ones with low prices without talking business up front and without communicating prices at the event as these are aspects to be discussed in private between companies. This is why we selected some premium and super-premium labels, and we organised the Masterclass and the B2B meeting so that the industry representatives have two separate events and timeframes available to talk business before the wine-tasting event where we knew upfront that time would fly instantly.

Sommelier vs top management teams
The event made two types of interactions possible at the wine tasting: at the sommelier’s general table and at the centre table, where more than 20 top management representatives and teams represented their wines. Although this setup made navigating the exhibition a little more complex, it made it possible to taste wines from 28 producers (around 100 labels) that were not present at the event. The feedback gathered, and the dynamic at the sommelier and centre tables made it clear that this mixed setup was a success both for the wine industry in Romania, which had the opportunity to be present with probably a quarter of the brands interested in export, and for the Irish trade present that had the option to focus on wine tasting at the sommelier table or dive deep in information about the producers at the center table where contacts were exchanges and business deals were made. We also gathered valuable feedback and data to help optimise the layout for the following events.

Printed vs online wine catalogue
Before the event, we considered a strategic objective to supply a professional catalogue of the wines available for tasting. We designed three versions of the catalogue: an early simple PDF version that was sent out along with the invitations, an online detailed and complex catalogue that was built mainly for large displays showcasing terroir details, websites and pictures and a printed handout version that was made available along with a pen at the event. All of these instruments, put together or used separately, would assist specialists before the event, at the event, and after the event in selecting labels, varieties, and producers of interest. These catalogues are the first of many to be created and printed in the following year. The goal is to have a complete literature set available, starting with general brochures and translated online interactive versions of the legal documentation for the Romanian Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications.

Follow-up actions
The follow-up consists of two main types of action: the project’s calendar of events and general scope actions and the other specific actions that some businesses might ask for wine tasting, follow-up meetings or documentation, online marketing platforms or articles and so on. While the project’s calendar of actions aims to promote Romanian wines in general, specific activities that are asked for might benefit just the businesses involved. A balanced mix between these two available directions will supply value for the industry and companies.

International context
We strongly believe that the concept used to implement #dublin2023 has the potential to bring value to businesses in the wine trade all over the world, and we are open to supporting other projects on any continent with our expertise, tools, technologies, leadership, team and knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for any inquiries.

The events on the 27th and the 28th of November 2023 that the text is referring to were organized by the Romanian Embassy in Ireland together with Jean Smullen WSET Dip and Iulian Barbuceanu (Author of the Romanian wine atlas) as part of the Official Reception with the occasion of the National Day of Romania (1st December) 

The Call to Action

The event was open to all Romanian wine producers with eligible ready-for-export certified wines. Invitations to the producers to participate were sent via the leading wine trade organizations in Romania (ONIV, APEV, ONVPV, APV Dealu Mare, etc.), social media and an online dedicated platform/website for the event. Registrations were made using a standard procedure (the online registration form), and the first 70% of requests to participate were accepted, with some requests not being accepted because of eligibility issues or lack of time to send the information and logistics (wine, etc) needed. Statistically speaking, the response was fast and large, with most interested exporters participating. The initial objectives of the call to action (regarding the number of labels and producers) were exceeded by 3 to 4 times before the organizing team stopped the registration process for further applicants.

Although, at one moment, the idea of a tax to be paid by participating wineries was an option, an efficient fundraising campaign for the project made it possible for all the wineries to participate tax-free.  

The Team

The Romanian Embassy in Ireland, led by Ambassador Laurenţiu-Mihai Ştefan, in collaboration with Iulian Barbuceanu and Jean Smullen WSET Dip, orchestrated this celebration to mark Romania’s National Day.

Irinel MaciciLorand AntalMihai Ciucur and Eduard Jakab, as independent sommeliers, teamed up with Iulian to represent 27 producers from Romania alongside the 23 others that were present in Dublin with their top management teams.

Ana Sapungiu MW travelled from London to participate in all the events and discuss with the Irish trade and the Romanian producers.

Betty Darabont WSET Dip hosted the „Understanding the new Romanian wines” Masterclass.

Numerous wine specialists from Romania and Ireland constantly supplied on-the-go feedback, and their input contributed directly and will continue to add value to the success of this project.

One of the driving forces of this project is this balanced team of specialists covering most, if not all, of the areas of expertise needed for an endeavour of this type.

The Locations

The B2B Meeting
It was the first event in the series, and it took place at the Romanian Embassy in Ireland: 26 Waterloo Road, Dublin. This allowed the participants to know the Embassy team and the main event room where future project events will occur.

The Hellfire Restaurant Reception
On the 27th of November, RePatriot Romania (a program of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation) invited the Romanian producers arriving in Dublin to participate in a private reception at the Hellfire Restaurant (7 Westmoreland St, Temple Bar, Dublin). The day after, the wine tasting would take place.

The Masterclass: „Understanding the new Romanian wines.”
On the 28th of November, the Masterclass also took place at the Romanian Embassy in the main meeting room. The event was meant for 6 to 10 participants, with a final audience of 9. The chosen location made all the logistics involved easy and highlighted the event’s importance.

The Main Reception @RCSI
It took place in the RCSI’s Boardroom. „The 19th-century Boardroom commands spectacular views over St Stephen’s Green. Original features include two open fireplaces and a decorative ceiling, the details of which are reflected in the hand-made carpet. It also holds a prominent place in history as there is an original bullet mark on the room’s main door, dating back to the time Countess Markievicz occupied the building during the 1916 rising. Combined, the College Hall and Boardroom can accommodate a reception for up to 320 guests.” according to

The Wine Tasting Event
It took place in the RCSI’s College Hall. „With its high decorative ceiling incorporating three stunning glass-domed windows, the College Hall is perfect for product launches, corporate parties or private celebrations. It can seat up to 160 dinner guests. The Minstrel’s Gallery is the room’s main feature and is perfect for entertainers and musicians. The College Hall and Boardroom can accommodate receptions for up to 360 guests,” according to Statistically, attendance peaked at approximately 250 people at around 8 pm at the Romanian Wine Tasting Event.

The B2B meeting

The audience
This meeting took place so that representatives from both countries could access critical information needed in this early stage of the project. According to this objective, most of the business representatives from Romania met with top specialists from vital sectors of the Irish trade. They also exchanged fast facts about the businesses and organizations that they represent.

The in-depth presentation
Jeans Smullen WSET Dip held an in-depth presentation on the Irish wine trade for the management teams of the producers from Romania. Learning critical information before the main wine-tasting event and before meeting the majority of importers and distributors was of crucial importance for the business plans that the wineries had planned.

The Irish Guild of Sommeliers
The Guild of Sommeliers in Ireland began in 1958 as a subsidiary branch of the parent body in the UK. The parent body in Ireland was established at the EGM in 1972. It aims to promote branches of the Guild in different parts of Ireland. The Irish Guild affiliated with the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) in 1983.
Visit for more information.

Restaurants Association of Ireland 
A highlight of the B2B meeting was the presence of Paul Lenehan, President of the Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI).

The Restaurants Association of Ireland was formed in 1970 with the initial goal of creating a solid lobby representing the industry at the Government level on issues of importance to the Irish restaurant industry. The Restaurants Association of Ireland now has more than 3,000 members, with establishments representing full-service restaurants, coffee shops, hotel restaurants, gastropubs, golf clubs, and cookery schools.

It also has over 150 trade partners, which are businesses that are approved as suppliers of restaurant products and services.
Visit for more information.

The Masterclass

A selection of 8 wines, all with Romanian grape varieties and an overview of the Romanian wine trade in 2023

The team
The Masterclass was held by Betty Darabont WSET Dip, an MW student and owner of the Familia Darabont Winery in Romania. Lorand Antal, a well-known Romanian sommelier who lived for 14 years in Dublin and is currently based in Targu Mures, Romania, assisted Betty from start to end.

The audience
The event was meant for 6 to 10 participants, with a final audience of 9. Masters of Wine, Certified Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine Educators, Importers, Wine Buyers and Wine Trade Consultants attended the Masterclass, giving the Romanian wine in general and, in particular, fundamental changes to get known by the Irish trade.

The Romanian grape varieties
For the Masterclass, 6 of 18 representative Romanian grape varieties available commercially were chosen: Frâncușă, Fetească regală, Zghihară de Huși, Fetească albă, Fetească neagră, Negru de Drăgășani. In future Masterclasses, other grape varieties will be presented.

The lineup (grape variety / wine type / brand / label)

  1. Frâncușă (Sparkling, Cotnari / Millesime Frâncușă 2016)
  2. Fetească regală (Still, Liliac / Fetească regală)
  3. Zghihară de Huși (Still, Averești Estates / Zghihară de Averești Diamond Selection)
  4. Fetească albă (Still, Dagon / Clearstone Rezerve 2019)
  5. Fetească neagră (Still, Familia Darabont / Fleurt)
  6. Negru de Drăgășani (Still, Viile Metamorfosis / Via Marchizului Negru de Drăgășani)
  7. Fetească neagră (Still, Caii de la Letea / Epiphanie)
  8. Blend of Fetească neagră, Cabernet S, Merlot (Still, DAVINO / Flamboyant)

The Wine Tasting Event

It featured 220 labels from 52 producers from 6 wine regions and was the main event in the series.

Exhibition space
The chosen location was The College Hall at RCSI Dublin. With 200 square meters of space to accommodate the exhibition tables and leave enough room for traffic, generous lighting, superb acoustics and prestigious charm, it provided the specifications needed. More details about the location can be found here.


Twenty-seven brands (23 producers, two national brands, one importer and one importer-distributer) were present with top management teams in their dedicated spaces. At the sommelier’s table, 27 other brands were current without direct representation but via wine labels. The team of sommeliers supplied basic professional information about all the labels and guided the tasters towards contacting the producers. More details of the brands at the tasting event can be found here.

The chosen design/layout was elegant and minimal, with as little fragmentation as possible, so the space was used to its full potential. All the brands with teams present were in the centre of the College Room with a big administrative table available just for them. The ~100 labels from the 27 producers without direct representation were arranged on two L-shaped tables in front of the stage, next to the main entry. Glasses were available in 3 corners of the College hall; a water station was placed in one of the corners. All the necessary logistics were placed on the tabletops, and no roll-ups or banners were allowed. A big screen projector was used from time to time for multimedia purposes.

The event started at 18.30, and until 19.30, the access was mainly for the ~ 60 wine trade representatives who attended the event. After that moment, up until 21.30, the event was open to all attendees of the Official Reception of the National Day of Romania. At around 20:00 ~ 20:30, the attendance values inside the College Hall peaked. The official closing time was 21:30, with the organizers exiting all the spaces around 11:30 pm.

The Wine Tasting Event was the highlight of all the activities dedicated to the Irish wine trade. The presence of top specialists and representatives from the Irish wine industry represents the confirmation that the event reached it’s end goal of supplying a representative selection of Romanian labels to the Irish trade so that general conclusions could be made: are the new Romanian wines of interest ? are they of competitive quality ?  In total, around 60 prestigious businesses, business representatives, MWs, top sommeliers, wine journalists, wine educators and trade organizations were present and were supplied with answers, business opportunities and – of course – the custom tailored selection of labels available for export.

Wineries and brands
More information on the wineries present can be found here,  a full photo gallery from the event can be fount here and the pdf with the full lists of labels present and general info about the wineries can be found here.

Wine labels
A detailed .pdf catalogue of 200 labels can be download here and the report chapter dedicated to the wines present at the events can be accessed here.

Grape varieties
Alongside 15 internationally know and planted grape varieties, 18 local grape varieties were present at the tasting event. The chapter dedicated to the wines present supplies more details on the Romanian grape varieties that were available for tasting. Go to the Wines chapter of the Report.

The Wines

220 labels, more than 30 grape varieties, six wine regions and 52 brands

Please download the official wine-tasting catalogue of #dublin2023 for detailed information about the wines present. The catalogue lists 200 labels from the 220 that were available for tasting. The 20 extra were added to the event after the catalogue was printed and were not documented in the official printed or digital brochures.
The Fizz
Sparking and semi-sparkling wines were at the sommelier’s table and the Millesime Wine stand. In total, eight labels were present in this category: 7 sparkling wines and one semi-sparkling

The Whites
Over 100 labels of white wines were present at the sommelier’s table and on the centre table, where brands were directly represented.

The Rose
Twenty-four labels of rose wines were available for tasting in total at the sommelier’s table and on the centre table, where brands were directly represented.

The Reds
Over 90 labels of red wine were available for tasting at the sommelier’s table and on the centre table, where brands were directly represented.

Wine regions
Labels from 6 wine regions (7 main wine regions / 8 in total in Romania) were present.

Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications
19 DOCs/DOPs (of 34 in Romania) and 6 IGs /IGPs (of 12 in Romania) were represented at the event.

Wine types
Sparkling, semi-sparkling, still, white, orange, rose, red, wild yeast or BIO wines were available for tasting.

Grape varieties 
Single varietal wines were available for tasting from the following grape varieties: Aligoté, Busuioacă de Bohotin (RO), Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cadarcă (RO*), Chardonnay, Fetească albă (RO), Fetească neagră (RO), Fetească regală (RO), Frâncușă (RO), Grasă de Cotnari (RO), Merlot, Muscat Ottonel, Mustoasă de Măderat (RO), Neuburger, Negru de Drăgăşani (RO), Pinot noir, Rhein Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Syrah, Tămâioasa românească (RO), Traminer, Zghihară de Huși (RO).
(RO) – Romanian grape variety
Blends were also available for tasting.

Masterclass label lineup
Cotnari Millesime Frâncușă
Liliac Fetească regală
Zghihară de Averești Diamond Selection
Dagon Clearstone Reserve 2019
Familia Darabont Fleurt
Viile Metamorfosis Via Marchizului Negru de Drăgăşani
Caii de la Letea Epiphanie 2019
DAVINO Flamboyant
More information on the Masterclass is available here.

The Wineries

50 wineries and two national brands showcased a great variety of wines seeking representation in the Irish market

General Statistics
Fifty wineries from 6 wine regions and two national brands supplied more than 450 bottles of wine (220 labels, over 35 grape varieties, sparkling to still wines, white, orange, rose and red, single varietal and blends). Other 20 wineries were interested in participating, but the event’s timeframe did not permit them to register for participation.

Management teams in Dublin
Twenty-five brands (23 wineries + 2 national brands) were in Dublin with top management teams.

Represented via Sommeliers
Twenty-seven brands (all wineries) decided only to supply wines at this time in the project and to be represented by our team of sommeliers. In the following months, activities dedicated to promoting these producers will take place so that the level of engagement with the Irish trade is harmonious for all the producers involved.

Represented via Importers and distributors
Five producers were present via importers and distributors in the Irish and other European markets. This mixture of wineries, importers, distributors and sellers showcasing their offer made it possible for the Romanian trade to supply complete logistical chains for other businesses interested in selling Romanian wines in Ireland.

Other statistics
In the latest study of the Atlas of Romanian wines, in November 2023, 411 brands with bottled wines were present on the Romanian market. Less than half are export-ready shortly as the Romanian market, in general, supplies enough demand for most of the Romanian wines on the market. Applying these numbers, around a quarter of the remaining 200 are involved in this project. In the first year of the project, only the initial wineries will be promoted, and starting with the second year, other producers will be able to join the project and plan activities.

Feedback and plans.
The feedback gathered from the management teams of the 25 brands in Dublin confirmed the exceptional quality of the business talks and the enormous business potential between the Irish and Romanian wine trade. We will continue to supply instruments and opportunities for both sides to do business the following year and remain open to getting involved in any particular business request that might reach us.

Complete list of wineries seeking representation in Ireland
See the full list of 52 wineries and brands in this project

The Feedback

``A great selection of wine`` / ``A most interesting wine event`` / ``An absolute eye opener`` / ``A fascinating and comprehensive tasting``

Selections from the Irish trade

„(…) fabulous to have so many

Romanian wines and winemakers in one room. (…)”

„(…) A fascinating and comprehensive tasting.” (…)”

„(…) It was a great evening learning about the diversity of wines across each

region and tasting indigenous grapes. (…)”

„(…) In addition to Romania’s intriguing indigenous varieties, there are excellent examples of use of French varieties originating from Bordeaux and Burgundy. (…)”

„(…) It was a great event. We will surely see some of those wines on our shelves soon. (…)”

„(…) Too many wines to taste everything (…).”

„(…) very informative and wonderful to meet with such devoted winemakers. (…)”

„(…) a fantastic and enlightening experience. (…)”

Selections from the Romanian trade

„(…) a great opportunity to meet current and future clients. We secured a new business deal in the days of the event. (…) „

„(…) A remarkable event for Romanian wines. (…)”

„(…) We were guided by one of the most appreciated and skilled experts in the field: Jean Smullen WSET Dip. (…)”

„(…) The Embassy of Romania in Dublin turned the reception dedicated to the National Day of Romania into a Wine Gala. (…)”

„(…) A great opportunity for small wineries as well (…)”

„(…) A memorable evening meeting the Irish trade (…)”

„(…) With an extraordinary audience, we returned to Romania with business contacts who expressed real interest in possible future collaborations. (…)”

„(…) Wine lovers from all walks of life: Masters of Wine (MW), journalists, wine critics, businessmen, Ambassadors, politicians, sommeliers … a truly unique experience (…).”

„(…) Through this event, an opportunity was offered to all those present and not only, as it laid the foundations of a stable bridge between two cultures, which is waiting to be used. (…)”

Future plans

This is the beginning of a beautiful journey that will bring together two industries with a shared history towards a common future.
Short term 
There is a slight gap between the producers who came to Dublin who have already initiated business talks and those known to the Irish trade only with the labels present at the wine tasting. In the short term, the main actions are oriented towards bridging this gap and creating opportunities for these brands to establish further connections with the Irish trade.

Long term 
This project will continue to supply instruments and platforms for both trades so businesses can easily reach their full potential. The time, people, places, and resources are necessary for significant progress to be made now. We thank all the great people, businesses and organizations that supported and continue to support this project. It is only because of them that this project was a success.

Main activities 
The focus will be on promoting the Romanian wine trade in general and the 52 brands in particular in a balanced manner over the next year.

Other activities 
Other activities can be created for businesses that ask for further assistance beyond the general scope of the project.

Find out more

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